About this Site

This site’s goal is to provide applicable real life advice on creating professional reports, analyzing data, and using Microsoft Office products.

About me and why I started the website:

With almost a decade as an analyst in IT and Call Center Workforce Management fields with specialization Reporting I have developed many complex and creative solutions using nothing but a database and MS Office suite.  Along the way I learned many useful techniques in both using MS Office and creating professional presentations. Many of those options are quite simple and trivial, yet many people I find have trouble understanding how to use those tools. For example Pivot Tables in excel are apparently a skill rather than just knowing how to do (like sending an e-mail). Similarly how many people know about the Slide Master in PowerPoint. I have received many requests for workshops at work and many of my friends come for advise for something at their work. So I decided to start this site in hopes be able to help people apply the many tools MS Office offers in their day to day life. In addition going beyond simple Office skills I will discuss how to create effective presentations and analyzing large data to gain actionable insight. Note that I am not a statistician, I will not be applying a lot of advanced mathematical concepts in my analysis and most of this will be accessible to just about anyone with high school or equivalent mathematics.


What you will find in this website:

This website will offer detailed solutions to be applied in real life situations. If you are simply looking for a reference on some Excel function, Google.com is your friend (seriously just type in the question you have). If, however, you are not sure whether you should use a VLOOKUP or put the data in a pivot. Or how to apply a VLOOKUP on more than one key field then this is the place. Some articles will be simple tips and tricks others will be complex discussions on presentation layout.

I would like to also have the articles driven by user requests. So feel free to go to the Questions, Suggestions and Feedback page and leave a question (or e-mail me if you wish to be more private). In addition feel free to provide any criticism or feedback on any articles. I don’t pretend to know everything and always look for new suggestions.

For now I am the only contributor, however with time I would like to add other content creators who specialize in different aspects than me (for example I will be MS Office focused, however would like some input on other office type products to make advice more useful to a broader range of readers). So if you wish to add your own articles give me a shout and we can discuss the details.


Hope you’ll bookmark us and see you again soon.

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