Useful Terms and Abbreviations

This is a quick reference guide for common terms you may find that are not explicitly explained even mentioned but shown. Or maybe just random useful items


  • Vector – From spreadsheet (Excel) perspective is a contiguous (no gaps) set of cells from only one row or one column. It could be a whole column/row (e.g. =A:A) or just a portion (=A1:A5)
  • Array – This is a continuous set of cells making up a rectangle. I.e. a box of cells or a table. For example A1:K8 would be all the cells between (and including) cell A1 and cell K8
  • Marching Ants – those funny moving dotted lines you see around a cell in Excel when you copy it
  • Function – a pre-defined operation (typically referring to Excel), such as SUM(), or VLOOKUP()
  • Operator – an input for a function, this is what we put in between the brackets in a function. For example SUM take unlimited number operators
  • String – synonym to text – more programming centered term


  • PSA – Please see attached (the most useful abbreviation for a reporting/data analyst)
  • SQL – Structured Query Language – Used for working with relational databases such as SQL Server, Access, Oracle, mySQL etc. Most commonly used to retrieve information from a database quickly and efficiently

More will be added as I add more content. Post below if you have specific questions

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